Klipsch HD Theater 300 Home Theater System

Holiday 2017

Klipsch HD Theater 300 Home Theater System

Since 1946, proprietary horn-loaded technology has been the driving force behind the Klipsch’s highly acclaimed, stunningly precise sound. Superior quality, horn-loaded speakers are an absolute must for delivering the powerful, detailed soundtracks of today’s demanding blockbusters. Perhaps that’s why 50 percent of all new theaters in North and South America, as well as Korea and Australasia install Klipsch products. Klipsch’s ongoing experience in the cinema industry is a significant benefit to you because the cutting-edge research that drives the development of the company’s professional theater speakers is also applied to its home theater systems. The same advanced Tractrix Horn geometry and compression driver technology that reproduces a more genuine, lifelike sound in theaters is inside the HD Theater 300. Horn designs dramatically increase efficiency, enabling Klipsch speakers to produce more output using less energy. This improves reliability and reduces distortion, so you hear exactly what the artists and directors intended, instead of speaker coloration.

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